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The Story Of Sihyr

Sihyr began in year 2000 under the moniker Sihir, by the will of ex-Gematria vocalist, Saahir. Alongside other like minded individuals, they performed music highly influenced by Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and other black/death metal bands. During their first gigs homage was paid to many bands they admired through cover songs. During this time, Saahir composed one song for Sihir but it has remained unreleased.

As often happens the heart and passion of his fellow bandmates was not dedicated to Sihir as they had other projects which often resulted in conflicts of time and commitment. Due to this Saahir left Sihir and formed a new band Sihyr. All former bandmembers were in amicable with this. For a time Sihyr was a solo project with supporting session musicians for gigs, jamming and recording sessions. Eventually Saahir decided to take a break as being the sole fulltime member of the band was becoming overwhelming. A last minute withdrawl of a band member before an important gig was what pushed things over the edge. Saahir chose to remain silent and work solo, that was until he met the legendary Iblyss, ex-drummer of Abhorer, Impiety and As-Sahar who brought a long lost spirit and passion.

Realising the shared similar ideologies and passion, Iblyss proposed to resurrection Sihyr and Hamaruth was recruited to take charge on guitars in year 2017. During this time, Saahir realised the initials of band members coincident with the band's name, Sihyr. Sadly, Hamaruth did not meet up with the drive and determination of Saahir and Iblyss and thus he was removed from the cult, and the name retrieved. Rededicating themselves to Sihyr, Saahir and Iblyss continued to keep the incense burning and practiced for the planned EP, Dukunomicon (Sirr As-Sihr).

During the recording of the EP two new members joined the cult, one assuming the name Hamaruth on guitar and the other Yathraa on bass guitar. Once again their passions could not match that of Saahir and Iblyss and were dismissed from the cult.

The name Hamaruth was banished from the cult due to it's history of those not matching the determination and drive. Soon, news reached the ears of true friends and Hanael of As-Sahar, a bloodbrother of Iblyss, offered his services on bass as a sessionist even with his heavy commitments with As-Sahar.

PsychoFai from Demonification offered to help on guitars and was able to successful complete recording of the EP. Psychofai was eventually chosen as the permanent member of the cult as Yathraa. The EP was recorded at TNT with the guidances of Ah Boy, the studio's owner and Hanael, handling all engineering matters. The EP was released by Hanael's label, Blackwinds Productions strictly limited to 300 copies on CD.

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Dukunomicon: Sirr As Sihr

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